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Upwork Fee Changes

Upwork just released the following statement: Hi Matt, I'm writing to tell you about an upcoming change to Upwork's Connects pricing and Terms of Service. Starting in May, Connects will cost $0.15 each, with no free Connects for agencies and freelancers. • Connects will not be included for free on your Agency membership [...]

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Are Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer Lending Programs a Scam?

I recently published an article about bitcoin lending programs and I am earning money from some of them. And while there are many, many lucrative and exciting opportunities within the cryptocurreny markets, there are also some risks. In this article, I will explore the risks of Peer-to-Peer lending platforms, why they get shut down sometimes, and [...]

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What is Bitcoin and How Can I Make Money with It?

Known as the first and successful cryptocurrency worldwide, bitcoin is a highly traded currency and commodity, depending on how you look at it. Its production does not fall under any government or bank regulations because it is decentralized. It enables peer to peer transactions directly without the need for 3rd party authority (like a bank) [...]

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Is Bonvera a Pyramid Scheme or a Scam?

You may have heard about a new "business opportunity" called Bonvera, and you may be wondering if this is a legitimate opportunity or whether it is a pyramid scheme, scam, or a sham. In this post, we're going to answer these questions: What is Bonvera? What is the Compensated Marketplace? Is Bonvera a Legitimate Company [...]

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What Bonvera Needs to Be Excellent

As I write this, Bonvera is still in pre-launch. I've been following this company since I heard about it, because it is the first network marketing company that I've actually gotten excited about in years. I've already outlined what is different about Bonvera on my other blog, and why I think Bonvera is a good opportunity [...]

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What is Bonvera?

Imagine for a moment that Walmart would pay you each time you referred one of your friends, family members, or anyone at all to their store? You could probably make some from money from that right? Well, it's not Walmart, it's Bonvera, but it works the same way! So just what is Bonvera? Bonvera is [...]

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