Back in 2009, most people would have never dreamed bitcoin would reach a value that it has now. Majority would not even be familiar with the cryptocurrency anyway. So giving away free bitcoins back then did not command as much attention as today. The cryptocurrency has gained popularity as it grow to be worth over $1000 in 2016 and nearly $20,000 in 2017. This will probably only increase now that bitcoin futures have hit the market.

So you want in right? And I will help you get in. Here are my top ways for getting free bitcoin in 2018!

1) Coinbase

Believe it or not, free BTC is one of the bonuses you can get once you signed up to Coinbase.

Coinbase is a well established portal dedicated for exchanging multiple cryptocurrencies you can access worldwide. If you sign up an account using this link:, you will receive a bonus of $10 worth of bitcoin if you use the platform to acquire at least $100 USD worth of bitcoin. And in case you are wondering, yes I also receive $10 for giving you that link – so let’s both win here alright? Of course, once you sign up, you can get your own link and give that away to your friends to get both them and you $10 more dollars of free bitcoin for everyone you refer.

As a side note, Coinbase has been around and time proven to do legit business operations. They are FDIC insured and have a good amount of regulation. In my opinion, they are about as safe a place to do bitcoin business as exists. Your bitcoins are insured and secured in the portal as another level of protection.

How to Sign Up for a Coinbase Account

Step # 1

You can start by visiting their website here and fill up personal details asked. Any sensitive information you provide on the site is protected. Your information is always kept private.

Step # 2

In your account information, you need to provide details about your credit or debit card which Coinbase can link some transactions to you. This is necessary to start wire transfers and other transactions to fund or withdraw from your Coinbase account.

Please note that funding your account from a bank to Coinbase can take about 4 business days of waiting time. This is the disadvantage of centralized currencies as clearing times add to the total time to accomplish a transaction.

Step # 3

Start exchanging your local currency with cryptocurrency. You can trade your money in the platform for bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, and Litecoins as examples. Again, you will have to do a transaction of at least $100 USD to get your $10 in free BTC, so do at least that much if you are able.

Once you have acquired bitcoins, there are numerous possibilities to increase its number and your potential profitability. Bitcoin is volatile and in volatility there is profit to be made. Traders of the cryptocurrency have gained more than substantial amounts of return on investments in a matter of months. There are multiple sites you could try out which offer opportunities to increase your Bitcoins.

2) Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin Faucets are sites that generate high traffic and shell out free BTC to registered users in exchange for activities done on the site. Keying in captcha is the number one activity users need to do in order to earn BTC. Other activities can include games which feature a high prize pool of BTC.

These sites do not operate for free and budget to sustain the site is mostly generated from advertising. The amount gained from advertising covers the site’s expenses from maintenance and paying participating users while the excess becomes income for the site. Because BTC faucets need to have high traffic in order to be profitable and continue operations, a lot of activities are usually offered to enhance user rewards on the site. This keeps people coming back for more rewards and keeps the site running.

Are BTC Faucets Profitable?

Yes, provided that you place your time and effort on legit operating BTC faucets of course. There are a lot of scam faucets surrounding bitcoin and it’s not difficult to put up a scam site. You just need to exercise due diligence in selecting which BTC faucet to get free bitcoins.

What BTC Faucets Turned Out to be Actual Scams?

It would be an joke to actually mention all of them here as the number ranges from thousands and more are expected to pop up since BTC ‘s popularity is skyrocketing.

It is too easy to create a faucet scam. Owners would provide a few Satoshis in the beginning for unsuspecting users, reap whatever income their users generated from the ads, and then cease payment. It would usually take a month or two before users realize they have been scammed and unfortunately, this has happened frequently. This is how scam faucets operate in general. These are somewhat akin to a ponzi scheme, people are initially convinced because promises are delivered on time in the beginning.

If you choose to use your time on faucets, choose a faucet that has been around for years and is fully operational. Choose a faucet that has multiple user base and trust ratings when considering earning bitcoins through these means. While these aren’t full proof measures, it screens out unworthy sites from your prospective list.


Another emerging name in the cryptocurrency industry is the BTC faucet known as freebitcoin which you can check out here. Just as its name implies, registered users can earn free BTC by earning points for doing captchas, keeping their bitcoin in the free freebitcoin wallet, and various other tasks. Points earned through captcha can be exchange for free lottery ticket spins that could potential earn a user $200 dollars worth of BTC.

Please note that the value of bitcoin changes frequently and $200 dollars worth of bitcoins can mean a lot or less depending on when you were awarded for the prize. This is the first incentive program promoted by freebitcoin on the site, known as free BTC. Earning through this lottery system can range up to 0.00000125 BTC to 0.12458730 BTC. Each captcha gets you two free tickets for the lottery and 2 points on other reward incentives. See table below for corresponding rewards.

The reward points earned can be exchange for limited time bonuses that can multiply your earnings within the site for a specific period of time. These bonuses are best utilized when you plan on coming back to the site for more than 13 times a day as anything less defeats your potential profit. You can get started today by going to and signing up.

Multiply BTC

One of freebitcoin’s best features to earn quick and high amounts of BTC is the Multiply BTC game. You can potentially double, triple or even generate a thousand fold increase of your current bitcoin through the gamble. Yes, as a gamble, you can earn big and then lose big so caution must be present whenever you plan on making some quick profits through this means.

However, others have come up with multiple strategies for playing this features which has led a lot of users to the site and to profit from it. Strategies are grounded by the basic principles on risk management to which you can easily learn and apply when you plan on taking on this game. See this video as an example of those strategies:

As you can see from the interface, you have the options to adjust the amount you bet on the game and it shows you potential corresponding rewards. You can bet on a Hi, Lo, or Alternative settings and it even has a stop loss feature which automatically ceases your betting once your stop loss amount is reached.

A great thing about this feature is how automatic it can be to generate bitcoins. As long as you can control your greed and manage your risks well, you can generate a steady pace of Satoshis on the platform just by using the Autobetting system. There is a manual bet but you can expect money made here is slow but relatively safer depending on how you would look at it.

Earn BTC through Freebitcoin Interest Rates

Another feature this site has similar to banking is the level of interest earned just by storing up some BTC on the site, once you reached 30,000 Satoshis (0.0003 BTC) on your account, you can gain 4.08% annual interest on BTC passively. The timer starts as soon as you reached that amount and maintain that amount for the length of your investment. You could also withdraw your money anytime.

Referral Incentives

To increase your potential earnings from the platform and share the benefit with anyone you know, its referral system offers up to 50% rates per referral. Once you got an account, you have a set referral link which you can introduce to interested BTC enthusiasts. This way, you help support the site while keeping it profitable for everyone.

Can be Trusted?

Given the rewards on the income opportunities made possible in the site, it is understandable to be wary of the platform. This platform has shelled out 75,000 BTC divided among their millions of users using the platform since it started operating. Here are some reviews about the site you want to check out. They are one of the longest standing sites, so they are as reliable as they come.

Here is a list of top paying BTC faucets in terms of Referral Incentives,. These faucets and BTC are no guarantee of instant riches; however, there are several ways to maximize your earnings using the cryptocurrency.

You can engage in trading platforms that use cryptocurrency as a means of exchange or convert your bitcoins for actual good that will lead you to access more appreciating assets. Bitcoins volatility can be your friend or enemy depending on your investing strategy and risk management. These faucets are another means to help you accumulate BTC, provided that you invest your resources with a trusted faucet of course.

Conclusion – How to Earn Even More Money with Bitcoin

The above methods work, and they can definitely earn you some bitcoin without you having to do much of anything. However, in my experience, there is a better way. Back in November of 2017, I started my journey into cryptocurrencies. Before that, I had never owned any crypto currencies at all including bitcoin (though of course I wish I had!).

Now, I make an average of $100+ per day from bitcoin and I give everything away here on my blog and in my newsletter.

If you want to earn money from this incredibly exciting crypto-currency market, then you need to do the following 2 things right now so you don’t miss out on more than you have already!

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