On day 1, Bonvera had less than 100 products that Associates and Consumers could by. Not even 2 months later, they now have nearly 200 unique products! In case you were wondering if Bonvera had something for you, take a look at the latest list of products!


Phyzix – Chocolate Wafers (30pk)
Phyzix – Vanilla Wafers (30pk)
Phyzix – Acai (24pk)
Phyzix – Tropical (24pk)
Xyience Variety Pack (48ct)
Xyience – Cran Razz (24pk)
Xyience – Mango Guava (24pk)
Xyience – Blu Pom (24pk)
Xyience – Cherry Lime (24pk)
Xyience – Frostberry Blast (24pk)
Xyience – Fruit Punch (24pk)
Xyience – Melon Mayhem (24pk)
Xyience – Tangerine (24pk)
Bawls – Original (24pk)
Bawls – Root Beer (24pk)
Bawls – Orange (24pk)
Bawls – Cherry (24pk)
Bang – Blu Razz (24pk)
Bang – Power Punch (24pk)
Bang – Star Blast (24pk)
RedLine – Watermelon (24pk)
RedLine – Triple Berry (24pk)
RedLine – Blue Razz (24pk)
RedLine – Sour Heads (24pk)
VOSS water – 330mL (24pk)
RedLine – Power Rush Grape (24pk)
RedLine – Power Rush Exotic Fruit (24pk)
Eternal Water – 600mL (24pk)
Hungry Buddha Coconut Chips – Original (12pk)
Hungry Buddha Coconut Chips – Chocolate (12pk)
Oh Yeah! – Chocolate (12pk)
Oh Yeah! – Vanilla (12pk)
Oh Yeah! – Strawberries and Cream (12pk)
Oh Yeah! – Cookies and Creme (12pk)
Eternal Water – 1000mL (12pk)
Oh Yeah! Whey Protein Powder, Vanilla
Oh Yeah! Whey Protein Powder, Chocolate
ALO – Comfort Watermelon (12pk)
ALO – Enrich Pomegranate (12pk)
ALO – Crisp Apple (12pk)
ALO – Comfort Watermelon, Pulp Free (12pk)
ALO – Allure Mango, Pulp Free (12pk)
ALO – Exposed Honey, Light (12pk)
ALO – Exposed Honey (12pk)
Old Trapper Beef Jerky, Peppered (10oz)
HardTimes Beef Jerky (4oz)
Jack Links Beef Jerky (3.42oz)
Jack Links Beef Jerky, Teriyaki (3.42oz)
Lorissas Beef Jerky, Szechuan Peppercorn
Lorissas Beef Jerky, Korean BBQ (2.25oz)
Lorissas Chicken Jerky, Ginger Teriyaki (2.25oz)
Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner
Teatree Mint Shampoo and Conditioner
Gillette Fusion Razors w/ Handle
Shout Triple-Acting Stain Remover, 22OZ. (2pk)
Shout Color Catcher Washer Sheets (72ct)
Scrubbing Bubbles Heavy Duty Lemon (2pk)
Swiffer WetDry Refills (32 dry/ 12 wet)
WINDEX Aerosol Glass and Surface (2pk)
WINDEX Original (2pk)
WINDEX MultiSurface Disinfectant (2pk)
DRANO MAX GEL Clog Remover
Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Caddy w/ Storage Unit
Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Toilet Refill (28CTx2pk)
Mrs. Meyers Concentrate, Lavender
Mrs. Meyers Soy Candle, Lavender
Mrs. Meyers Liquid Laundry, Lavender
Mrs. Meyers Liquid Laundry, Lemon Verbena
Mrs. Meyers Scent Booster, Peony
Mrs. Meyers Concentrate, Geranium
Mrs. Meyers Concentrate, Basil
Mrs. Meyers Soy Candle, Lemon Verbena
Mrs. Meyers Soy Candle, Basil
Mrs. Meyers Liquid Laundry, Geranium
Mrs. Meyers Scent Booster, Lavender
Swiffer Duster, 360 Degrees Extender (3ct)
Swiffer Duster, Wet Jet Refills (24ct)
Swiffer Dry + Wet Kit (w/ handle)
ZIPLOC Freezer Bag QUART (38CTx2pk)
ZIPLOC Freezer Bag, GALLON (28CTx2pk)
Mrs. Meyers Liquid Toilet Cleaner, Lavender
Mrs. Meyers Liquid Toilet Cleaner, Lemon Verbena
Mrs. Meyers Fabric Softener, Basil
Mrs. Meyers Fabric Softener, Geranium
Gillette Fusion Razor Pack
Crest – Tartar Protection + Whitening (2pk)
Crest – Baking Soda and Peroxide (2pk)
Crest – Complete Whitening w/ Scope (2pk)
Curad – Sheer Bandages (80ct)
GUM EZ Floss – Fresh Mint (90ct x 2pk)
GLADE Hawaiian Breeze, Aerosol (2pk)
GLADE Clean Linen, Aerosol (2pk)
GLADE Hawaiian Breeze Freshner, Solid (2pk)
GLADE Apple Cinn. Freshener, Solid (2pk)
Pledge – MultiSurface Wipes (25ct x 2pk)
Pledge – Multisurface Citrus (2pk)
Pledge – Lemon Aerosol (2pk)
Scrubbing Bubbles Citrus Disinfectant, Aerosol (2pk)
Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer (2pk)
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel Peroxide (2pk)
ZIPLOC Snack Bag (90CTx2pk)
SARAN Premium Wrap (100sqft x 2pk)
Mrs. Meyers Bar Soap, Lavender
Mrs. Meyers Room Freshener, Lavender
Mrs. Meyers Dryer Sheets, Lavender (80ct)
Mrs. Meyers Surface Scrub, Lemon Verbena
Mrs. Meyers Dishwasher Pillows, Lemon
Bawls – Caffeinated Mints (2pk)
Crest – Herbal Mint Toothpaste (2pk)
OFF! – Familycare Unscented Spritz
OFF! – Deep Woods Spritz
ZIPLOC Container Variety Starter (7pc)
Pledge – Dust and Allergen (2pk)
Pledge – MultiSurface Sheer Linen (2pk)
GLADE Pure Vanilla Joy Aerosol (2pk)
GLADE Cashmere Woods Aerosol (2pk)
GLADE Cashmere Woods Freshner, Solid (2pk)
GLADE 2n1 Candle, Hawaiian Breeze and Vanilla
GLADE Candle, Apple Cinnamon (2pk)
GLADE Candle, Cashmere Woods (2pk)
GLADE Candle, Hawaiian Breeze (2pk)
GLADE Candle, Blue Odyssey (2pk)
GLADE Candle, Vanilla Cupcake (2pk)
Mrs. Meyers Bar Soap, Geranium
Mrs. Meyers Room Freshener, Geranium
Mrs. Meyers Dryer Sheets, Basil (80ct)
Mrs. Meyers Dishwasher Pillows, Basil
Crest – 3D Arctic Fresh (2pk)
Crest – Extra Whitening, w/ Scope Outlast
Crest – Extra Whitening, w/ Scope Dual Blast
Febreze Unstopables, Fresh (2pk)
Febreze Unstopables, Shimmer (2pk)
Febreze Trigger, Linen and Sky
Febreze Trigger, Extra Strength Original
Febreze Trigger, Pet Odor
Febreze Refills, Extra Strength Original (2L)
Olay Sensitive Bars (6ct)
Cascade Dish Pacs, Citrus Scent (60ct)
Cascade Dish Pacs, Platinum (65ct)
Tide Liquid Free and Gentle (1.47L/32Load)
Crest – Kid Cavity Protection (2pk)
ZIPLOC Sandwich Bag, (90CTx2pk)
Mrs. Meyers Liquid Hand Soap, Lemon Verbena
Mrs. Meyers Liquid Hand Soap, Geranium
Mrs. Meyers Liquid Hand Soap, Basil
Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap, Apple
Mrs. Meyers Liquid Dish Soap, Lavender
Mrs. Meyers Liquid Dish Soap, Lemon Verbena
Mrs. Meyers Cleaner, Lavender
Mrs. Meyers Cleaner, Lemon Verbana
Mrs. Meyers Foaming Hand Soap, Lemon
Mrs. Meyers Foaming Hand Soap, Watermelon
Mrs. Meyers Foaming Hand Soap, Apple
Right Guard Sport, Invisible Solid – Fresh Scent
Secret, Solid – Powder Fresh
Balmshot Lip Balm – Classic
Balmshot Lip Balm – Cool Mint
Balmshot Lip Balm – Pink Camo
RAID Flying Insect Killer
OFF! – Sweat Resistant Aerosol
ZIPLOC Marinade Bags, 1/2GAL. (24CT)
Shout Triple Acting Stain Remover, 32OZ.
GLADE Plug-in Vanilla & Hawaiian Breeze
GLADE Plug-in Clean Linen & Lavender
GLADE Carpet Refresher, Fresh Scent (2pk)
Procell AA Batteries (4pk)
Procell AAA Batteries (4pk)
Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap, Peony
Mrs. Meyers Liquid Dish Soap, Geranium
Mrs. Meyers Cleaner, Basil
Mrs. Meyers Foaming Hand Soap, Lavender
Mrs. Meyers Cleaner, Geranium
Bounce Dryer Sheets, Renewal (145ct)
Cascade Dish Pacs, Fresh Scent (80ct)
Cascade Rinse, Platinum (300 Loads)
Febreze Air Effects, Hawaiian Aloha (2pk)
Febreze Air Effects, Original Gain Scent (2pk)
Febreze Trigger, Car Scent
Fixodent Food Sealent w/ Scope, (2pk)
Head and Shoulders 2n1, Dry Scalp
Head and Shoulders 2n1, Old Spice
MrClean Magic Eraser Scrub Pads, (8ct)
Little Trees – Black Ice
Febreze Unstopable Trigger, Fresh Scent
Tide Pods, Original, 81 pacs
Tide Pods, Free and Gentle, 81 pacs
Gain Pods Original + 3n1, (81 pacs)
Febreze Air Effects, Spring and Renewal (2pk)
Bounce Dryer Sheets, Gentle (240ct)
Crest – 3D Brilliance (2pk)
Crest – Sensi Relief, w/ Scope
Dawn Original Dish Soap (2pk)
Downy Dryer Sheets, April Fresh (240ct)
Fixodent Original (2pk)
MrClean Liquid, w/ Febreze (2pk)
Olay Ultra-Moisturizer Bars (12ct)
Crest – Scope Classic Orig Mint (1L)
Swiffer Duster, 360 Degrees Refill (10ct)
Mr Clean Spray w/ Gain (32oz)