Imagine for a moment that Walmart would pay you each time you referred one of your friends, family members, or anyone at all to their store? You could probably make some from money from that right? Well, it’s not Walmart, it’s Bonvera, but it works the same way!

So just what is Bonvera?

Bonvera is a new e-commerce company that is sharing its profits with consumers.

We’re all familiar with cash back programs and point programs. You probably use them nearly every day getting gas, grocery shopping, buying stuff online, or just using your credit card. Chances are good that you’re even earning some good perks like free flights or discounts.

But imagine this for a moment…. Imagine getting paid whenever other people earned points as well! 

Well, each time you shop online at, you earn points. Each time you directly refer someone to Bonvera, they are able to earn their own points, but you also earn points on their purchases. The more points you earn, the more you get paid. In fact, it is entirely possible to earn so many points that sharing Bonvera could become your full-time gig. This is part of what makes Bonvera different.

No joke.

So right about now, you’re probably wondering…

  • Is it a scam?
  • Is it legal?
  • What’s the catch?
  • Why haven’t I heard of this before?
  • If it’s so great, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Let me go through these questions for you one by one:


Is Bonvera a Scam? Is it Legal?

No, it is not a scam. Yes, it is legal. What Bonvera is doing is very similar to what other companies such as Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy are doing. These companies all have affiliate programs where customers can get paid to refer other customers to their website to buy products or services. (Just google “walmart affiliate program” if didn’t know this existed. Nearly ALL major retailers have these programs now.)

Bonvera just takes this a step further by paying you for customers that your customers refer as well! This idea isn’t new either. Network marketing companies have been around for decades and hundreds if not thousands of websites have what are called “multi-tier affiliate programs” which allow affiliates (or associates or partners – the name varies) to sign up other affiliates and get paid on both their own individual sales and the sales of the affiliates they sign up as well. In fact, affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular ways of making money online.

So again, no, Bonvera isn’t a scam and it IS legal. These days, everyone is doing it.

This leads to another question…


Why Haven’t I Heard About This Before?

Perhaps you’re an expert couponer or perhaps you just thrive on finding THE best deals all of the time and you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of Bonvera yet. Here is why…

It’s because it is brand new!

In fact, it technically is still in pre-launch which means that the majority of people won’t hear about it for another 2-3 months (depending on when you’re reading this), so NOW is the time to get involved.

You can join Bonvera through this link.

Note: Because they are in pre-launch, the product offering is limited. As of right now, there are only 78 107 products you can buy. Right now, the company is working out all of their distribution and just started shipping products toward the beginning of March (that is now new they are). This means that only early adopters like you and me who understand what is happening will be able to get in on the ground floor and position ourselves to refer lots of business and make some good money. So get started today, but don’t freak out if you don’t see everything you buy at Wal-Mart just yet.

Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It?

Again, the company is brand new, and you are one of the lucky few who are hearing about it this early. Some people see a good opportunity and take advantage of it. Other people wait until everyone else says it’s a good opportunity and then they get involved.

So you just need to ask yourself the question, “am I the kind of person who jumps on a great idea when I see it? or am I the kind of person who wants to wait and see?” Of course Bonvera will still be a great opportunity a few months down the road, but why risk having some of the people you could have got signed up sign you up?

Of course, it’s up to you!


Okay So What’s The Catch?

So here is the “catch”…. in fact, there are two of them. And they are both membership costs:

Becoming a Shopper: There is a cost to getting involved in Bonvera just like there is Sam’s Club, except for Bonvera’s membership cost ($20/yr.) for shopping is much cheaper than Sam’s ($45-$100/yr.). I also know a secret about how you can get your membership fee waved!

Fill out this form to learn how to get in for free! 

Becoming a Referrer: The second catch is that to be able to refer people, you need an upgraded membership. I’m putting together a special program exclusively for those who want to become referrers (associates) to teach them how to refer other people as quickly as possible so we can all make money from this new fantastic opportunity.

I have personally made tens of thousands of dollars through other referral programs in the past and I plan to do the same with this program. So if you want in, get in touch NOW. Obviously, I can only work with a limited number of people personally, so the quicker you get in touch, the more likely I’ll be able to help you with your referral business.

Get in touch now about being an Associate (referrer) here.