If you didn’t know, Bonvera is still in pre-launch for the next 6 weeks at least. During this time, Associates may sign up, buy products, and sign up new Associates. However, Bonvera’s products will be limited as they work out all of the kinks in their shipping and distribution process.

This past weekend was Bonvera’s “Big Game” event where Bonvera Associates came together from all over the US to see potential vendors that will participate in Bonvera, to recognize Associates that are growing their independent businesses, and to be inspired by speakers such as Dr. Robert Rohm.

Having vendors at the event is great for Associates to see the types of businesses that Bonvera is considering adding to its product offering. In fact, I’d say that this may have been one of THE most important parts of the event and one of the things that continues to differentiate Bonvera from other network marketing or MLM companies. That Associates can truly look “behind the scenes” with such transparency is cause for great excitement.

Tim and Amy Marks, the leaders of the Bonvera Field Team, made their first major Bonvera appearance and spoke at the conference. Rumor is that Bonvera is, at least in part, Tim Mark’s brain child. Tim is highly involved in the company being part of the Executive Committee.

In addition to Tim and Amy, other “leaders” were at the event including:

  • Jim and Delores Martin
  • Chris and Danae Mattis
  • Tim and Brandy Jarvinen
  • Venkat and Lynda Varada
  • Bill and Jann Newton
  • Dave Canniff
  • Jeff Selzer – (President of Bonvera)

Apparently Bonvera has already done over a million dollars in gross revenue in just it’s first month of business which isn’t bad considering that they haven’t collapsed like some companies that experience that same level of rapid growth. In fact, about the only downside so far is that the Phyzix Energy Drinks are not yet available on the Bonvera website to purchase. Being that they are included in the Starter Packs that are generally purchased by Associates, they almost ran out.