I’ve been out of the network marketing / MLM space for quite awhile, but there is a new company that I’m pretty exited about Bonvera is one of the newest network marketing companies, and I think it’s worth taking a look at for a few reasons which I’ll fly through briefly.

  1. It’s built around brands and products that people already consume. We’re talking about Ziploc and Crest here, not some random products that no one has heard of. As far as I know, this has never been tried before at least not with…
  2. The prices are incredibly reasonable. If you switched from buying these same items on Amazon to buying them from Bonvera, you’d be paying just a little bit more. That “little bit more” is more than worth it if you’re going to build a business around the company and we can expect the shipping costs to drop with time.
  3. The company is brand-spanking-new. Technically, they are still in pre-launch and are beta testing their shipping and their systems to get everything worked out before the actual launch in a few months. I’ve never been in on “the ground floor” of a company before, but this one I am.
  4. With the above three reasons, I think it’d hard for almost anyone to say, “no.” The pitch goes something like this: “Sign up and then buy products you’re probably already buying at or near the same price you’re already paying. Teach others to do the same, and you can get paid from everything they buy as well.

There is no reason not to do this. That isn’t to say people won’t have objections. Some people will say they don’t buy name-brand stuff so this won’t work for them (though the company does have their own Phyzix brand of products you can buy. Others will say that overall the prices may still be cheaper on Amazon. Others will say that it’s a scam or or pyramid or whatever they say about every direct sales company that’s ever been created.

But it’s cool. We don’t need those people.

One last reason I decided to join is because for the last 5 years, I’ve been learning how to use the internet to market products and services online, so I’ll do the same with Bonvera. In the last 6 months, I’ve sold over $100,000 worth of stuff online, and I’m really just getting started.

We’ll have plenty of people that want to sign up when we start advertising and marketing our team, so this isn’t really a pitch. However, if you think you’d qualify to join our team, get in touch and leave your number so we can chat about it.