BitconnectX – ICO from Bitconnect – Everything There Is to Know

Today when I headed to to do my daily reinvest, and I saw this…

The pop-up leads to which does not currently have any information aside from a countdown counting down to January 10th as the date of the BitconnectX initial coin offering (ICO). In their post today, bitconnect officially pointed to the ICO saying that more details would be released as the date for the “tentative” ICO gets closer.

To me, this is INCREDIBLY EXCITING NEWS! If the rise of Bitconnect Coin (BCC) is any indication at all of what could happen with BitconnectX, then I am in!


When it launched, BCC was about 0.15 USD per coin and in the < 2 years they have been around, the coin has grown in value tremendously and is routinely traded around $350-$400 USD. To put that in more exciting terms, a $500 investment in BCC would be worth over $1.25 Million USD just 2 years later.

Speculation has already begun on what exactly BitconnectX could be. According to the Bitconnect Road Map, bitconnect has been planning to launch their own decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (see May) to allow users to buy and sell BCC and BTC with fiat currency. At this point, without any other information, this is probably the best guest as to what BitconnectX is.

A decentralized exchange that could accept fiat currency for bitcoin would be the first of its kind. If this is an exchange, I believe it would be the first exchange that is itself a coin.

Interestingly, it appears that the ICO will accept Litecoin as well as BTC and BCC.

Here is a screenshot of the bitconnectX home page. I’ll update this post as I find out more information!

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