Day 13 – Strategery

Things are coming along well, but, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I can get a bit scattered when I’m trying to do everything at once. I’ve found that I have to repeatedly stop, write out EVERYTHING that I need to do for each of my bazillion projects, and then go through them and figure out […]

Day 12 – Higher Up and Further In

This weekend came and went without much getting done on my part because of my traveling. Here are a few updates though. I’ve generated 7 leads into MLSP to date, but I’ve paused my 7Search campaigns because I was paying more than I wanted to for each lead (~$12). I just signed up for Daegan […]

Day 7 – Traveling

So I didn’t get all that much done today because I was traveling. I rearranged my 7 Search campaign according to some tips I got from Daegan Smith’s What’s Working Now webinars back from 2010 on Adwords. They included a decent bit about writing headlines and ads, so I made some changes to the ad […]

Day 6 – Finding My Stride

While I’m trying to move at a quick pace, one simply can’t work for 15 hours straight on anything really. There needs to be balance to life, and I’m feeling that I’m starting to strike a good balance between working out, building my business, working on other projects, reading, and enjoying life. As I said […]