Day 6 – Finding My Stride

While I’m trying to move at a quick pace, one simply can’t work for 15 hours straight on anything really. There needs to be balance to life, and I’m feeling that I’m starting to strike a good balance between working out, building my business, working on other projects, reading, and enjoying life. As I said yesterday, Monday was a bit rough, and I think it’s because I was requiring too much of myself (I was in front of the computer for 10-14 hours a day up till that point), and I wasn’t seeing results as immediate as I would have liked.

I’m realizing that I have time and results don’t come in a day. (I know this is common knowledge, but it’s an entirely different thing working it out in real life.) I’ve been writing at least one post a day on my blogs consistently and going through at least 1-3 hours of training every day from top leaders. I’m seriously considering purchasing a course on Facebook by a lady that went 0 to 6-Figures in 6 months mostly on Facebook. It’s only $300. More importantly though, there isn’t all that much SEO competition for that course or any other MLSP products… probably because they are so new. I think MLSP Mastery just started in January 2013 and so I’ll guess that the products probably didn’t exist until then in their current forms at least.

In other news, my MLSP sponsors finally got back to me… err… they got to me. It appears as if they didn’t ready my email with my questions so I’m a bit annoyed… especially because their pitch in the back office of MLSP has a bold headline asking whether or not I’m getting the support I need. Um… not yet. So now I have to revisit my MLSP back office to figure out how to do a better job with my leads.

So far today, I’ve gone through about an hour of training from What’s Working Now by Daegan Smith. The one I went through yesterday was all about Adwords which was pretty sweet since I’m getting into paid ads, and this one is about building and maintaining a relationship with your list which I find very valuable as well. The great thing about Daegan is that he’s super transparent. He’ll take you into what he’s doing right this second and show you what’s working and why.

On the agenda for the rest of the day is to finish the webinar, watch the intro webinar to the social media course I might by to see if it’s worth it, write several blog posts because I’ll be gone all weekend, and get some reading in. It’s a pretty chill day.

As a side note, I’m still feeling pretty confident that between SEO, Facebook, and PPC I should be able to reach my goals by the end of my 90 days. If I had to break down the 90 days into 3 months, it would be as follows:

  • First 30 Days
    • Learn, learn, learn, learn learn
    • Get everything set up and running – MLSP back office and campaigns, Facebook pages, keyword targeted landing pages, subdomains for PPC campaigns (thanks to a tip of Daegan’s), other social accounts like YouTube, etc.
    • Blog everything I’m learning and doing… and then do some more
    • Get my feet wet in multiple forms of traffic and lead-getting strategies
    • Set up processes and routines for all three major aspects (SEO, FB, PPC) and add more as time and training allow (YouTube, syndication, article sites, ad networkers, etc.)
  • Days 31-60
    • Keep up with what I’ve been doing
    • Start to scale the processes – once I’ve figured out what’s working, let’s do it and do more of it better and faster
    • Refine processes, add new ones, and cut activities that aren’t producing
  • Days 61-90
    • Keep up with what I’ve been doing
    • Open the  floodgates of traffic – having added several processes and refined them, it should be turning them all on full blast
    • Do whatever it takes to scale everything up – team co-ops, etc.

I plan to revisit my initial goals within a few days of the end of each trimester to adjust them. That’s all for today! Back to studying!

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