Day 5 – First Lead and a Better Plan

I just got my first lead in MLSP which is pretty darn exciting since I just signed up for it 4 days ago and haven’t done all that much on Facebook or SEO yet. The lead came through the advertising campaign that I set up yesterday on 7Search done according to the training in the MLSP back office. I actually made my first sale ($2 of which I got .60) which, though small, is also exciting. I had a goal to do my first sale in 10 days, but I did it on Day 5 which is pretty good. The new goal is to have paid for my MLSP membership by day 15.

Yesterday was pretty crappy as far as getting stuff done… I just didn’t feel like I accomplished much. Here’s what I did get done:

  • Went through a module of HTA on microsoft ads
  • Went through the MLSP training on Facebook PPC and Alternative PPC
  • Got a 7 search campaign set up
  • Got a Bing ad campaign ready to go (just waiting on payment verification and ad approval)
  • Posted 1 blog post
  • Submitted my site (TSS) to a few directories
  • Poked around SEOmoz for a bit learning about directories

And that’s really it… I was hoping to write some more blog posts and comment on a few other people’s blogs, but it just didn’t happen so that’s on the agenda for today as well as starting to come up with an SEO plan for my site.

Today, I’ve already gotten through a WWN webinar on Facebook by Pamela Herrmann and I’ve emailed both her and another leader asking for help. I’ve started my engagement strategy on Facebook as well, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m basically just commenting on their posts and asking questions. And I’m doing the same on their blogs.

I also need to set up MLSP and figure out what I should do with my lead now that I’ve got one!

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