Day 20 – Wanting it To Go Faster

I’ve been pretty busy, so I’ve not written so this post will be long. Here’s what I’ve been up to:


  • Our first review of ViSalus went live on Losting it and Loving it, and was a major flop. We only got like 15 visitors overall and got 3 people who we’re sending free samples to. I’m hoping my partner still wants to try again, because it can really only go up from here, and the other placements we’ve looked at all have much bigger audienes.
  • I’ve been posting 2 posts a day on TSS and have created posts like this one and like this one which are keyword targeted and aimed at the “low hanging fruit.” I should be able to rank from these terms within a week or so I would think. My rankings get checked today, so I’ll see where I’m at.
  • I’ve stopped with the paid traffic for right now, since I was paying upwards of $7-$10 per lead. This isn’t necessarily bad, but I don’t have a follow up sequence that sells yet and MLSP’s has only made me two sales for a total of $6.60 which hasn’t recouped my money yet.
  • I’ve fallen back to doing pretty much only SEO related tasks. I’ve purchased two new domain names with PR so that I can have other link assests to give myself links from. MLM Idea Bank is one of them, and I hope to run it as a very high-quality article directory.
  • If I haven’t mentioned it already, I’ve bought into Daegan Smith’s Inner Circle which is his monthly program for $40 or something. I’ll probably buy Daegan Smith’s Solo Ad Secrets by the end of the week, and I’d like to have at least 1 campaign in the queue by the end of the month.
  • I’ve also done a few guest blog posts for The Sponsoring System that will hopefully help me rank. My homepage is a PA 27 mR 4.25 and my DA is only a 13… so hopefully by the end of the month we’re up closer to a DA of 20 – that’d be great.
  • I’ve found a pretty wide open opportunity to promote some products via SEO because the product pages themselves don’t even have great stats. #2 for most of them should be fairly easy.

Overall, I’ve been frustrated with how slow things are going… Then I remind myself that I have 70 days left in my challenge and that some of the super-stars I’ve seen took 6-7 months to make it in this business. Most of my frustration centers around me just being scattered. Because I want results quickly, I jump from SEO to paid traffic to Facebook to email list and never really get anything going before I move on. In the last week and a half of this month, I’m hoping to catch my traction again.


  • Traffic has stayed in the 200-400 visits/day range since my post went live on digwp since the post remains on the home page. I still plan on doing two more similar posts, but haven’t gotten around to either them or looking for more opportunities yet.
  •  I’ve averaged about a sale a day this month so far on and I plan on trying to get my next super-comparison on Job Themes done by the end of the month. There are 10 of them, so it’ll probably take me the rest of the month to do.
  • My indexers have only gotten about 90 themes done on our new site which is… slow. Slow, slow, slow. I’ll be emailing them today to see if we can’t move it forward faster.

Scepter Marketing / Clients

  • I went on a business retreat with a few friends this last weekend to talk about creating a collective between our 4 businesses. One guy is a web developer/designer, another is a graphic designer, another has done web stuff in the past and loves client relations, and then there’s me – the marketer. I’m excited about where things could go with this, even though I could be heading towards overwhelm if I get 10 SEO projects at the same time.
  • I have a few clients that I’m waiting to get back to me and one that I should be getting to which could all bring in some nice cash over the next two months to help fund my challenge.

Again, overall, I think I’ve been pretty scattered on everything but staying consistent on TSS with posts. I need to post some more on the Join ViSalus website and get it ranked asap since it’s probably the highest impact / lowest effort project I have going on right now. If I can do that + keep posting and link building for The Sponsoring System + get my newsletter stuff together + run a few solo ads, I think I’ll make pretty good progress. I just need to break these larger tasks into smaller ones so I can see all of the pieces and how they fit into the plan… starting today : )

3 thoughts on “Day 20 – Wanting it To Go Faster

  1. So sorry you considered the advertising a major flop. I’m not exactly sure why it wasn’t more successful. It’s not for lack of promotion on my end that is for sure. It’s been less than a week since the post went out and a few days since the mailing. Hopefully you will get more sign ups and interest. I would love to see you more active on social media platforms, I think that would make a world of difference with your future promotions.

    Thank you for the opportunity to help you spread the word and hopefully you’ll see more interest from my review in the future.

  2. Hi Angie… I’m a little bummed to be honest. Mostly because my team trusted me to find something that would produce a good ROI. I know that sometimes things don’t go as well as planned, but I just thought with your audience we’d get a lot more than we did you know? Hopefully, we’ll get more from it the post in the future. If there’s anything else you can do please let me know..

  3. I’m still out there promoting (the recipe on Pinterest is getting attention). I wonder if you have sent out the samples people signed up for and are following up with them. You never know out of the ones that signed up, you could make a good return. Will keep at it.

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