Day 2 – Empower Network, SponsoredTweets, & Links

Yesterday, I went a bit crazy with blog posts and blog commenting. All of what I am doing is manual, is well thought out, and has the aim to add value and/or engage people in conversation. Between yesterday and today I’ve commented on 10-15 blogs and written 4 or 5 blog posts. One of the initial goals is to get content on my site that I can share with an audience in forums, on Q&A sites, and on social media sites. I think that I can add quite a bit of value in the realm of SEO since most networkers out there are using and teaching outdated, “gray-hat” methods of building links. I’ve come across only two blogs in the industry that are PR4 and hardly any PR3s. By the looks of it, most people are not getting their traffic from the Search Engines. My time to shine :)

Today I signed up for to start testing it out to see if it will be cost effective. I set up a CPC campaign, and I’ll check back Monday to see if if any Tweeters have picked it up yet.

Here are the rest of my goals for today:

  • Sign up for the Empower Network (@ $125/mo. level) and start promoting it via Twitter paid ads. I’ll also be putting up links to it here on my blog and it will probably become the main promotional piece on this blog.
  • Begin fixing up my Facebook profile so that I can actually make something out of it and start promoting / using it next week
  • Start a few new Twitter accounts so I can begin testing out some sites that allow you to quickly gain new followers (, and ) I don’t know how effective these will be yet, but we’ll see.
  • I want to blast through some of the MLSP trainings today. By the looks of it, most of the modules aren’t much more than an hour long so I should be able to get through just about all of it (minus the webinars) by the end of next week. My goal it to be THE best student in the program. To learn, implement, and get results without hesitation.

And that’s about it for today. The rest is just rambling :)

I’m also contemplating starting a few fun / helpful sites for MLMers. I’d really like to do something like SEOmoz’s YouMoz, but I think that’d take a bit too much time at the moment. I’m thinking about doing a voting site like, to rank leaders or content…. I haven’t quite thought it all the way through yet. The other idea I had was doing something a summary email for the industry which I think is probably the best one. The only issue is the same issue I have for everything else which is how to get it in front of people, fast.

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