Day 13 – Strategery

Things are coming along well, but, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I can get a bit scattered when I’m trying to do everything at once. I’ve found that I have to repeatedly stop, write out EVERYTHING that I need to do for each of my bazillion projects, and then go through them and figure out which ones are important now, which ones I need to get started on now because they take time, which ones I need to / can outsource, and then break each thing down into more specific, actionable tasks.

Here’s what I’ve got down so far. I use Evernote, by the way, and I LOVE it. This is how I’ve broken down some of my tasks after the initial brain dump.

Immediate Tasks
  • Finish #### website and #### website
  • Get a daily plan for #### marketing
  • Find Clickbank product to promote for health / weight loss list generation
  • Connect with Jeremy on ####
  • Get dad E-Myth + other books + cancel
  • Clean Room
  • Finish up tax stuff for the year
  • Get pre-approved for a house
  • Follow up with ####
  • Upload Kelli’s descriptions
  • Follow up with local business client
  • Figure out to do with oDesk funds
What’s Important Next
  • Canceling Twitter ads
  • Canceling Sponsored Tweets
  • Keyword Research for Long Tail Keywords and FAQs
    • Join ViSalus
    • TSS
  • Write articles around both of the above
  • Pick 5 ways of link building and add them to dailies
  • Get and set up tracker software to track everything
  • Setting up lead capture pages on TSS subdomains for my lists
  • Writing emails for all lists to build relationships
  • Revamping TTFT newsletter call to action
  • Creating a list of daily activities
Things That Need to Get Running
  • Finding and contacting bloggers (1, 2, & 3 times)
  • Finding and logging solo ad opportunities
  • Indexing themes and links on a proper pace

Doing this helps me to get focused again so that I can keep the most important tasks in front of me. I got the idea from Dean Jackson here. These are great podcasts by the way if you have time to check them out!

Activities for today include the following:

  • I found another worker to help me with indexing themes
  • I got three blog posts up on TSS including one really good one about Daegan Smith
  • I am flying through Maxium-Leverage trainings on Solo Ads as I will be adding them to my strategy
  • Meeting with Shane to discuss our business stuff, new projects, and some new strategies he’s working on (this concerns my internet marketing company and the partnership I’m forming with another company)
  • Finalized things on our first product review for ViSalus that should be posting in the next day or two
  • Prevented a brain overload by creating the above todo lists

And that’s it for today. Work has been busy with my counter-part gone, and I had some things I had to do for the school I’m helping out that took some time. I’m also feeling kinda sick, so I’m hoping it passes soon. It might help if I got some sleep…

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