Day 12 – Higher Up and Further In

This weekend came and went without much getting done on my part because of my traveling. Here are a few updates though.

  • I’ve generated 7 leads into MLSP to date, but I’ve paused my 7Search campaigns because I was paying more than I wanted to for each lead (~$12).
  • I just signed up for Daegan Smith’s Maximum-Leverage Inner Circle Membership¬†because from all of the leaders / gurus I’ve looked at from Dillard to Budd to the MLSP guys to everyone else – Daegan seems to 1) still be in the game testing strategy after strategy after strategy and 2) actually interacts with his followers and 3) gives away more value than I’ve seen anyone else do so far. (If you want to see what else I’ve tried, you can view my library here.) All of this content will give me more ideas for posting on The Sponsoring System.
  • I’ve been posting consistently on TSS as well as building links via Directories and I’m getting into some guest posting.
  • A post promoting There is a Theme for That went live on DigWP here and gave me a spike of traffic and leads. The post got picked up by Ayuda as well¬†and between the two my traffic has soared. I hope to put some more time into the site before month end and keep up the momentum. I have 2 other posts lined up on other sites so far.

In other news, Pure Leverage is EVERYWHERE right now, but I think it’ll just be a distraction for me to play with it right now. Same goes for Empower Network, but I’ll get to taking a look at both by the end of my challenge.

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