Day 1 – Getting Started in MLSP (My Lead System Pro)

I didn’t sleep great last night… probably because I was really excited about starting my journey today. Here’s today’s update:

  • Yesterday I went back through The Sponsoring System and added in images for every post. I also found this handy post (God is good!) that has a half a dozen sources of free images I can use, though I just bought a deal from AppSumo for just $50 for 150 images. I also made three posts and created a new library section as well to showcase the products that I’ve actually bought and used.
  • I also took the Link Liberation 3 approach to SEO and found every blog I could find in the network marketing industry (about 100 of them) and signed up via RSS to their sites. My goal is to comment on nearly every one that makes sense to comment on in order to engage in a real conversation with all of these bloggers. I want to get to know them, make friends, show myself a leader, and get links. I even commented on a few blogs yesterday to get a head start.
  • Yesterday I also started work on a list of blogging ideas – helpful resources for the community, writing about leaders and their products, MLM companies, and a few other ideas – just take a look at my categories to see what I’m doing. I did a bit of keyword research as well to find some low hanging fruit, so that yielded some ideas as well.
  • Today, I got started in My Lead System ProAs I mentioned before in my goals, I’m starting with MLSP because it allows me to focus on traffic as opposed to everything else like copywriting, conversion, split testing, product creation, etc. I joined the Mastery Level Program which essentially means that not only do I get MLSP’s training and done-for-you pages, I also get 100% commissions (instead of 30%) of any upsells to the MLSP subscription as well as $100/mo. for each member that signs up for and stays with the Mastery Level MLSP subscription. In short, it’s all about traffic.

I’ve spent a few hours in the MLSP back office so far and it’s pretty easy to navigate. In my opinion, the training videos are way longer than they need to be (like 15 min. each), but I can’t complain. I’m more than ready to get started so the rest of the day will probably consist of:

  • Going through the rest of the Intro modules for each level of MLSP (Gold, Platinum, & Mastery) and getting all of my links and everything set up (I’m only 21% done after about 2 hours).
  • Launching the Twitter campaigns I talked about previously.
  • Starting engagement with others in the industry via my RSS feeds I set up – As a quick side note, I’m VERY surprised that many experts don’t seem to have put that much time into their blogs. Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing WP stuff for a couple years now, but some of their themes and set ups are just not what they could be. I think I’ll really shine here and it might set me a part a bit.
  • I also need to finish setting up my social channels so my blog posts are automatically shared to my social accounts.

My goal with MLSP is to make my first sale in my first 10 days. I’ll probably sign up for Empower Network tomorrow as well. I postponed it because my sponsor hasn’t signed up yet (come on Chris!), but I have enough to go through with MLSP anyway.

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