Export Navigation Menus

Recently I had the need to set up several sites for a client with the same woocommerce inventory and the same navigation. Being that the menu was fairly bulky, and being that woocommerce categories can’t be placed easily into the menu the way that post categories can be, I was in need of a solution […]

Creating Taxonomy Pages for Custom Post Types

I came across this post today on WP Explorer that I found very helpful. If you’ve developed or modified any WP themes you’ll know how annoying it can be to try to figure out which page your taxonomy is using. In these situations, the WP Template Hierarchy is your friend. This post shows how you […]

WordPress Things You Should Know About

Here are a few WordPress things I’ve come across over the last few weeks that were worth sharing with everyone else: Yoast SEO Plugin: Though the Yoast plugin has been around for some time, I have been a consistent user of All in One SEO instead. I used All in One on my very first […]