Day 39 – Game Over

In my first network marketing company, there was a motivational recording called “Doesn’t Matter” that had a successful entrepreneur talking about how he finally got to a point in his business where he knew he had made it. The odd thing was that this knowing came months before the actual success. He likened the experience […]

Day 32 – Revaluation

I’m 32 days into my challenge and here’s what I’ve accomplished: I’ve averaged about 1 post per day on The Sponsoring System and have generated my first lead via my SEO efforts There is a Theme for that has dropped below 95,000 in Alexa down from around 117,000 in February I’ve identified two new markets […]

Day 22 – Getting Stuff Together

Overwhelm comes when you have a huge list of things todo and don’t do them. The last two days and continuing through till Monday, I’m trying to take care of all of the client work, updates, and other stuff I’ve had on my todo list since early this month which I’ve neglected due to my […]

Day 20 – Wanting it To Go Faster

I’ve been pretty busy, so I’ve not written so this post will be long. Here’s what I’ve been up to: Networking Our first review of ViSalus went live on Losting it and Loving it, and was a major flop. We only got like 15 visitors overall and got 3 people who we’re sending free samples […]

Day 13 – Strategery

Things are coming along well, but, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I can get a bit scattered when I’m trying to do everything at once. I’ve found that I have to repeatedly stop, write out EVERYTHING that I need to do for each of my bazillion projects, and then go through them and figure out […]