Diving into Paid Ads

Up to this point, my internet marketing career has mostly consisted of SEO-related marketing tactics such as link building, creating content around keywords, etc. Over the last month though, I’ve been experimenting with various forms of paid advertising including Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google PPC (text) ads. I’ve dropped Facebook and LinkedIn […]

Why I Hate SEO

I hate doing SEO. It sucks. The rules are always changing. There is a crazy amount of information to try to stay on top of and it’s just not fun for me to hunt down websites and try to get links from them. Frankly, I’d rather be the one with the sites that other people […]

Marketer Matt’s Step by Step SEO Process

How Do I Advertise My Business Online? This is a very common question for local business owners these days. The statistics are everywhere about how many people do local searches online and how the number has been skyrocketing over the last few years. Any business owners that are unconvinced that the internet is here to […]