Price Blink and Invisible Hand No Longer Working? Alternatives You Can Use

As a drop-shipper, I frequently rely on PriceBlink to help me find price gaps between stores where I can make a profit. For the last several months, I’ve used PriceBlink without an issue…. Until Today. Today November 21, Price Blink Is No┬áLonger Working! Today when looking around on Amazon, I noticed Price Blink wasn’t showing […]

Shipping to Freight Forwarding Address?

My Dealings with a Freight Forwarded Address A few days ago I got an order to the following address: CUSTOMER NAME (removed for privacy) XXX1111 (removed for privacy) 18221 150TH AVE SPRINGFIELD GARDENS, NY 11413 US The number under the customer name through me off. It didn’t look like a typical apartment address number or […]

Welcome to

As you probably guessed, I’m Matt. Nice to meet you. On this blog I’ll talk a lot about marketing, things that I’m exploring or doing, things that I don’t have time to explore, and some general thoughts about the web. I’ll talk a lot about how to make money online, which has been a goal […]